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Claire Burrows, 2018 researcher-in-residence


Claire Burrows is a PhD candidate in Library and Information Science at Western University. Her doctoral research pertains to accessibility of academic libraries in Canada for students with disabilities.

Claire Burrows

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By approaching this topic using critical disability theory, she hopes to develop a better understanding of the current practices in these libraries and their limitations with a view to developing strategies for improving accessibility and better supporting students with disabilities.

She plans to build on this research in the residency, as well as explore ways to implement these strategies through conversations with Concordia librarians. She is also interested in pedagogical theory and practice, as well as in the incorporation of new research methodologies into LIS research.

The Library’s researcher-in-residence program has as one of its goals to foster a culture of research. The program was created as part of the Library’s strategic plan, in order to promote research in the library and the use of research by librarians. The program offers the opportunity for scholars or doctoral students to focus on an area of inquiry in a supportive and enriching environment, and to interact with Concordia Library staff and resources.

Updated: Thursday 14 May 2020
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