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How to apply

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The residency period is from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024. The dates are flexible; proposals which include alternative start dates and those of different duration will also be considered.

The Researcher-in-Residence program began in January 2017 and Concordia has since welcomed six researchers whose presence have enriched the Library and university community. More information about these residencies can be found on the Concordia website. For the 2023-2024 Researcher-in-Residence program, Concordia Library invites proposals exploring topics relating to Concordia Library’s priorities, its collections, and the field of library and information studies. The Library has identified the following themes as potential areas for investigation:

  • Concordia's history
  • Copyright, licensing, fair dealing, and open access
  • Digital media objects
  • Knowledge crowdsourcing
  • Social justice and library and information practice
  • Decolonization and Indigenization of libraries and archives

Concordia Library's collection includes several areas of strength, including:

  • Exhibition catalogues
  • The Holocaust
  • Artists’ books

Researchers and practitioners from library and information studies, as well as other disciplines (e.g., anthropology, computer science, education, informatics, media studies, sociology) are welcome to apply.


As part of the program, Concordia Library will provide:

  • Dedicated workspace in Concordia Library
  • Access to computing facilities
  • Access to library resources, print and electronic collections, and technological infrastructure
  • Opportunities for the Researcher-in-Residence to interact with Concordia Library staff
  • Other types of in-kind support may be made available

In return, the Researcher-in-Residence is expected to participate in the intellectual life of Concordia Library. This participation may take various forms, including:

  • Presenting research in progress to staff
  • Providing learning opportunities in the form of seminars or workshops for a campus or library audience on topics related to their own expertise
  • Participating in selected activities in Concordia Library, depending upon the relevance to their research, their expertise, and interest. Such activities include:
    • Committee meetings
    • Special events
    • Brown bag talks, seminars, round tables, or other information sessions
    • Concordia Library Research Forum
  • Meeting individually with librarians and library staff (e.g., office hour drop-ins, or by appointment)


  • For a current PhD student, postdoctoral fellow, or independent scholar, a stipend of $22,000, plus up to $2,500 for travel/research expenses
  • For a faculty member (professor or librarian) on sabbatical leave, research funds of up to $22,000 (budget required)


PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and full-time members of academic staff (including those on sabbatic leaves from other institutions) are eligible to apply. The proposed research should make a contribution to the knowledge base of librarianship, libraries, or information studies. Professors and librarians preparing for a sabbatical are encouraged to apply.

Application and instructions

Applications should include information about the applicant, including the expertise brought to the program:

  • Letter of intent, including:
    • a description of study / project proposal
    • proposed in-library activities (outline of activities to be undertaken during the period of residency)
    • proposed research outputs
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Short biography (100 words)
  • For all applicants not on sabbatic leave, two letters of recommendation should be supplied. For doctoral students, one of these should be from the applicant’s doctoral supervisor. Letters of recommendation should be submitted electronically directly by the referee.
  • For members of academic staff on sabbatic leave, a budget should also be included.

Selection criteria

Submissions will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of the University Librarian and four librarians using these criteria:

  • Quality and originality of the proposed research project
  • Demonstrated ability to complete the proposed project based on previous accomplishments
  • Significance of the proposed research for librarianship, libraries, or information studies


The Researcher-in-Residence program is currently on a one-year hiatus. Concordia Library will not be accepting applications for the 2024–2025 academic year.

For further information, please contact Rajiv Johal, Associate University Librarian, Research & Graduate Studies:

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